Here are most common asked questions and answers to it.

How much does Kind Transport pay ?

Contractors are paid 75% of whatever is billed to the customer. However Loyalty pays of so after 1st year contractors will get paid %76, and that will increase to %77 after the 2nd year working with us.

How much experience is required to join Kind Transport ?

1 year of OTR experience is required. Reefer experience is preferred.

What is the home time policy?

Home time is up to the contractor, however most successful contractors go home every 2-3 weeks.

What is the Kind Transport’s pet policy?

No pets are allowed, sorry.

Do I need my own trailer?

No. Trailer will be provided by Kind Transport.

What kind of trucks are available for lease?

2017 or newer Kenworth T680.

How much are truck payments?

Payments range from $700-$975 weekly.

Is there a balloon payment?

No! At the very end of the lease, you own the truck with a $1 buyout.

How long is the lease term?

Leases range from 2-4 years depending on the age of equipment.

What does Kind Transport haul?

Fresh Produce, Frozen Products, Meat, Beverages, Food products and much more.


Does Kind Transport provide direct deposit?

Yes! Kind Transport pays via direct deposit every Friday.

Does Kind Transport works with Owner Operators?

Yes! Owners Operators are welcomed.

What is Kind Transport’s riders policy?

Yes! Riders must be at least 18 years of age. Rider Insurance is $30 per week.

Does Kind Transport pay referral bonuses?

Yes! Kind Transport offers up to $1,000 for qualified referrals.

Who pays for tolls?

The contractor pays for tolls, but each truck is equipped with a Pre Pass Elite Pass unit providing a 20%-50% discount depending on location.

Are lease purchase trucks governed?

Yes, the leasing company will govern the truck at 67-69mph until the truck is paid off.

What are Kind Transport’s running areas?

Kind Transport operates all 48 states, but mostly East of the Rockies.

How does Kind Transport dispatch?

Contractors are assigned a personalized Fleet Manager to assist in the success of their business.

How do I send my paperwork?

Paperwork is scanned in via phone app. PDF versions of BOLs can also be emailed or faxed.

How will I get rest of my equipment? Will I have to deadhead all the way back home ?

Your fleet manager will get you loaded home.